Very hot. Rooted up first lot of French beans & dug over that patch, which will do for spring cabbage. Cut side shoots out of tomatoes. These have not done at all well. All leaf & stalk, the plants growing so huge that it is almost impossible to get them to stand upright, & few & poor tomatoes (one or two now ripening.) Probable cause too much animal manure & not enough light.

10 eggs.

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5 Responses to 6.9.39

  1. Fay Shirley says:

    Well what is he supposed to say? He is a writer, he’s half got himself killed in Spain, he is in a bad way with his TB. He is going to need his spring greens!

  2. itwasntme says:

    The sitzkreig has begun!


  3. steve says:

    the end of this post almost killd me

  4. Steve says:

    Too much manure and not enough light on the tomatoes — seems like a bit of a rookie mistake. Also, shouldn’t he be pinching the apices if he wants the plants to be more stocky?

  5. Max says:

    Too much ordure and little light – seems like an oblique Orwellian comment on today’s press.

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