Somewhat less warm, overcast, a very few drops of rain about dark. Last night’s rain had made no difference to the soil.

Weeded out the onions. These will be ready to pick in 2-3 weeks, but are not good. Applied sodium chlorate to the nettles beyond the walnut tree. Pickled 1lb. of damsons & 31/4 bullaces. The damsons made almost 2lb. jam, so the bullaces should make 5 or 6. The 2 rows of potatoes made 3 small sacks, I should say 50 or at most 60lb. so if the main crop are equally bad we shall have at most another 300 lb., which is not nearly enough.

Picked out 2 boiling fowls (the old light Sussex & the one which mothered the 2nd lot of chicks) to go to market tomorrow.

Swallows beginning to gather on the telephone wires.

9 eggs.

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5 Responses to 11.9.39

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  2. First he sets the gloomy scene. Then, he adds an overtone of pessimism.

    Then, he downshifts into mundane gear:
    Two boiling fowls, nine boiled eggs, 360 lbs. boiled potatoes. Oh, and eight boiling lbs. of jam, gently cooled to the current ambient temperature, on buttered white toast.

    Finally, the Swallows loom, ominously, in his peripheral vision and, now, even the telephone wires seem so very vulnerable somehow…..

  3. John says:

    Anyone know what the purpose of the sodium chlorate was?

  4. Steve says:

    A while back Eric read somewhere that sodium chlorate killed nettle. I wouldn’t be surprised if his habit of applying it willy-nilly was connected to his poor yields of root crops.

    Does anyone remember what his target yield was for potatoes? Was it 600 lbs?

  5. John says:

    Thanks Steve!

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