Rainy, with sunny & windy intervals.

Lifted the remainder of the Red King. Very poor. As well as I can estimate, I should say 300lbs at most (10 row-200 plants). Scrapped the tomatoes. Cut down the nearer row of raspberries, which are perhaps worth keeping, very drastically, & shall manure them heavily later, as I think it possible that row may do something. Shall probably scrap the other one. Began digging patch next to the raspberries. Made 2lb. blackberry jelly out of 2lb. blackberries (garden) bought from Mrs Hollingsworth for 6d. Forgot to mention that I picked the apples off the grenadier, which is I think 5 years old. 22[1] apples, weighing 71/2lb. The apples on the big tree are mostly rotting but some will be all right.

8 eggs.

[1] Orwell originally wrote ‘23’. Peter Davison

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3 Responses to 15.9.39

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  2. John H says:

    Poor George sounds terribly dispirited: having to get rid of the chickens, so much of his produce going to waste. :-(

  3. The Ridger says:

    Weekend farming doesn’t work well … but poor George. Scrapping so much that he worked so hard over.

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