Chilly & misty in the morning, sunny but not too warm in the day, a shower in the afternoon.

Took up & burnt the final lot of peas, & dug over that patch. Arranged to sell off the 8 March pullets @ 5/6 a bird (paid 4/6 for them).

11 eggs. Sold 1 score @ 3/-. Total this week: 60.

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3 Responses to 16.9.39

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  2. The Ridger says:

    Well, at least he made a profit on the pullets – over and above what he got for the eggs. But it must have seemed awfully final to him.

  3. Steve says:

    There is a kind of desolate tone here; when he left Morocco he didn’t mention the fate of the fowl at all. But surely this is just the end of the summer for him, and he’ll be back in the spring, TB and the war permitting? We hope so.

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