Some rain in the night, the day overcast & rather muggy. A light shower or two in the afternoon. The ground is still very dry a few inches under the surface. Dug over all the flower garden except the small beds. After the earth has settled the new flowers can go in.

6 eggs.

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4 Responses to 5.10.39

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  2. Oh yeah… and there’s a war on.

  3. Today is Thursday and Hitler tours the conquered capital of Warsaw, reviewing the victory parade, before returning to Berlin. Meanwhile, German forces continue mopping up operations against Polish troops still at large between the Vistula and Bug rivers.

    Also: The Nazi anti-Semitic weekly, Der Sturmer, publishes a “Hymm of Hate” calling England the “curse of the world.”

    And: Eight British and French hunting groups are formed to hunt for the Graf Spee. At this stage the British and the French can afford to divert considerable forces to such a task. Meanwhile, the German pocket battleship Deutschland sinks the SS Stonegate.


    Thank you James for the background update.

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