Misty & still. A very few drops of rain. Beech nuts now ripe. Skinned & took the pith out of a largish marrow (about 18” long), & note that after doing this there is only about 21/2 lb. of flesh. Bought Adco, 2/3 for 7lb, which is said to be enough to make 7 cwt. of compost. It appears however that you must not put woody material among the rubbish, nor very large roots. Began digging shallow pit for compost. The briquettes burn fairly well when used together with coal, so shall make arrangements for making some more. Evidently the method is to mix clay & water till it is sloppy, then mix in with your coal dust, using only so much clay as is needed to bind the dust to a very stiff paste. Moulds must be very strong, as the stuff has to be tamped down forcibly.

7 eggs. Sold 15 @ 3/-score. Total this week 38. (NB. Started cylinder of calor gas today).

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4 Responses to 7.10.39

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  2. The transportation of the British Expeditionary Force is completed — without loss — under the protection of British and French naval forces. A total of about 161,000 troops, 24,000 vehicles and tanks and 140,000 tonnes of supplies have been delivered to France.

    Hitler appoints Himmler as Commissioner for Consolidation of the German Race; his task is to eliminate “inferior” peoples from the Reich. Meanwhile, Hitler issues a decree ordering Poles to be evicted from western Poland or killed.

  3. Paul Holt says:

    Hey George, you know there’s a war going on right now, yeah?

  4. skiddie says:

    Glad to see the briquettes are working– I must admit that I was dubious.

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