Continuous & mostly heavy rain till about 4pm. Violent wind strong enough to loosen some of the rose bushes & lift some broccoli plants almost out of the ground. Staked some of the latter, otherwise too wet to do anything out of doors.

5 eggs.

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5 Responses to 9.10.39

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  2. The Ridger says:

    Wow. The broccoli was blown away – literally – sounds like a sad harvest tale.

  3. Konifuji says:

    I wonder if he would have braved the violent wind and rain if the house was so cozy from the cavity wall insulation and under floor heating? If Rachael Riley was strutting her stuff in a tight fitting dress on countdown? Or if he’d received the income that was to follow from past and future novels and was able to order his broccoli online from the local farm? Probably.

  4. Violent winds swirl food right out of their mouths as their peeled eyeballs watch the ominous, black skies — “they” could come from anywhere, anytime and turn their pastoral countryside into a cratered inferno.

    Today, Hitler issued Directive No. 6. Its message is simple: “Should it become evident in the near future that England and, under her influence, France also, are not disposed to bring the war to an end, I have decided, without further loss of time to go over to the offensive.”

    The Egg Tally seems less mundane now. The Broccoli has become precious.

    War conditions have allegedly brought food profiteering, with tenpenny steaks quadrupled in price.

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