Very still, warm & fairly sunny. A very few spots of rain in the evening. Ground greatly sodden, & a lot of chrysanthemums loosened by the wind. Dug trench for broad beans but cannot yet get the ground into sowing condition. That piece (beyond the runner beans) is full of lumps of fine clay. Took out some of the worst & dug in some sand & wood ash. Changed the manure into a larger container as I want the other for leaf mould. Moved the henhouse. Brought in the onions, which are extremely poor, & hung them up to dry. Only 10 large bunches, of which only 3 or 4 will really keep. Picked up a few walnuts but there are very few this year.

Yesterday made 2 lb. blackberry jelly. Note that 21/2 lb. blackberries = 2 pints juice = 2 lb. jelly (actually a little left over).

5 eggs.

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15 Responses to 10.10.39

  1. Wonder what George would say about Obama winning the Nobel “Peace Prize.” Oh, I forgot, he’s already said it–see 1984.

  2. Stephen says:

    Dunno – but at this rate he will need an ever larger container for the manure.

  3. I wonder what he would have said about the Bush administration and how happy the rest of the world was to see Obama end that…

    Oh yeah. That would still be 70 years in the future. And completely irrelevant to the current post.

  4. Steve says:

    I assume from the comments so far that at least one of our fellow readers has bought into silliness too absurd to dignify with characterization here.

    Am I missing something? Orwell was a socialist (maybe the ‘s’ should be capitalized) who was bitterly disappointed with how the Soviet version failed to live up to its promise. That didn’t stop Orwell from continuing to hold socialist ideals.

    Yet he seems to have been adopted as a sort of poster child by the U.S. far right, which for some reason has a horror of socialism that is “irrational and will not yield to arguments,” to borrow a phrase that Orwell used in reference to antisemitism.

    President Obama was elected democratically, he didn’t ask for the Nobel, and his first reaction on hearing he’d been given it was probably to say something intemperate. I’m curious to hear why he can’t just be allowed to do his job.

    For more on Orwell’s politics, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Orwell#Political_views .

  5. I can only agree!

  6. You folks are from the future!?!
    Watching Vincent Price in The Pit and the Pendulum put me in an EAP sort of mood this morning—and then I read this post.
    Today, recruitment into the Women’s Land Army is suspended after 25,000 have enrolled.

  7. Eric Blair was 14 in 1917, during which time he spent Lent term at Wellington College as a scholar.

  8. itwasntme says:

    Bugger off, Molloy.

  9. Steve says:

    Right, see, comments like that last one don’t help at all. They don’t enlighten, they only offend and cause people to become more entrenched in their extremism.

  10. itwasntme says:

    Thanks Steve for the word. However, I’m very tired of being unexpectedly jabbed at odd times by American Neocons who spread their nastiness around inappropriately. Finally had it enough to just give it back. Sorry – it seems the quickest way to shut them up and get back to whatever topic was at hand.

    PS They cannot become more entrenched in their extremism. That’s all they got.

  11. Orwell was a Troyskite and Obama is the Anti-Christ

  12. Janet S. says:

    Here I was expecting comments about the trench for the broadbeans, and we get entrenched neocons instead. The trenching strategy from the Great War proved to be futile in the impending (to Orwell) conflict. Probably still works fine for beans, though.

  13. I have read a reread these comments and I don’t see any evidence of neo-conservatism. Who is it?

  14. I don’t think this is the venue to defend myself against the mystifying belief by some that I’m a raving reactionary. If anyone is still interested, please refer to the “wider” portions of my blog.

  15. itwasntme says:

    (Ahem) bugger off, Molloy.

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