Fine autumn weather, as yesterday. Planted out about 25 more wallflowers, a few hollyhock seedlings, 20 bought tulip bulbs (2 black) & about 15 of our own, & about 30 daffodils, some bought, some of our own. Cut leaves off marrow to let them ripen. I have left one on each plant, one of them a very large one.

8 eggs.

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3 Responses to 12.10.39

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  2. James Russell says:

    A lot of digging recently. Any blisters on your hands, Eric?

  3. Meanwhile, The British Expeditionary Force is now fully deployed along the Franco-Belgian border, between Maulde and Halluin and the deportation of Jews from occupied Austria and Czechoslovakia to occupied Poland begins under the direction of an SS administration headed by Eichmann.

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