Continuous & mostly heavy rain all day. Impossible to do anything out of doors.

8 eggs.

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3 Responses to 15.10.39

  1. Max says:

    It’s all very well noting that catastrophes were happening all around while George was religiously tending his cabbage patch, but I bet on the day he invaded Poland Hitler wrote in his personal diary something like:

    ‘That bloody Himmler was here again today moaning about his boils. I told him to go and feed his chickens instead of complaining to me about the state of his disgusting extremities. This evening I completed the Die Sturmer crossword puzzle in sixty seconds, though whoever designed it got some clues wrong and will have to be weeded out.’

    And on D-Day Churchill wrote something like: ‘Stray cats have been defecating in the garden of Number Ten. I’ll have to erect a wire mesh fence to keep them out until I can build a suitable high brick wall, or one of those iron curtains for keeping out moles that Uncle Joe mentioned to me at Tehran. And I’ll have to tell them at Number Eleven to keep the volume of their radio down; it’s disturbing my gerbils.’

    You see, it’s possible for great folk (God bless ’em!) to compartmentalize their lives, just like lesser, humbler, beings like us.

  2. “It’s all very well noting that” Hitler might have had thoughts unrelated to genocide “but” this blog would unutterably boring to me if I didn’t know what Orwell was reading about in the papers, hearing on the radio and, probably, thinking and talking about.

    Meanwhile, there are reports of a typhoid and cholera break out in Warsaw.

  3. *would be unutterably

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