Very fine, clear, still autumn weather, with a touch of mist. Distinctly chilly morning & evening. E., Lydia[1] & self picked 41/2lb. blackberries. Nuts seem to be already ripened & fallen. Oak trees now mostly yellow, hawthorn & ash leaves falling.

7 eggs. Sold 15 @ 3/- score. Total this week: 41.

[1] Lydia Jackson (1899-1983), a friend of Eileen’s from the time they met at University College London in 1934, wrote under the pen-name Elisaveta Fen; see 534A. After being bombed out of her flat in 1940, she and her flat-mate, Patricia Donahue, rented the Orwells’ cottage at Wallington. The 21st was a Saturday, so Eileen could come down from London for the weekend. Peter Davison

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3 Responses to 21.10.39

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  2. I’m impressed by 4 1/2 pounds of blackberries. I’ve picked them in my day and they’re delicious, but you have to pay for them in scratched hands and stained fingers.

  3. Safa says:

    Best i can get from my garden is about 1/2lb and scratched hands, tasty though, tastes even better when its free. Autumn is here too but it is hard to describe my garden in any poetic terms.

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