Very misty, not cold, a short spell of sun in the afternoon. No wind. Turned out & examined some of the bags of potatoes. Found that some K. Edwards had gone bad, but no Red Kings, or very few. Threw away the bad ones, changed into fresh bags & scattered a little lime on the heap. Hope this will be enough to prevent serious damage. Planted out a few clumps of aubretia. Cut the pumpkin which was ripening. Only about 10 lb. T. is selling first-rate cooking apples (called locally Meetrop or some such name – have not seen this apple before) at 1 d lb., eating apples (Blenheims) @ 11/2lb. Cut the first savoy today. Arranged to let the milkman have our eggs @ 3/6 score instead of the 3/- the butcher has been paying. T. says you can get 3/8 at the market, but in that case there are commissions to come off.

6 eggs.

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5 Responses to 22.10.39

  1. Today, Sunday, the propaganda minister, Josef Goebbels, calls Winston Churchill a liar in a radio broadcast.

  2. Max says:

    And meanwhile, Prescott Bush, founder of a Presidantial dynasty, is racking up profits from investments in the Nazi war machine. Where there’s death there’s money.



  3. Steve says:

    Must…resist…cmprng J Wlsn t Jsf Gbbls….

  4. I assert that Eric was reacting symbolically (to the propagandizing) by broadcasting lime.

    Meanwhile, the Lone Pumpkin made it all the way to the table! Yay! An Autumn Sunday is a great day for some warm pie.

  5. Stephen says:

    Signifcant war-time egg inflation, it seems.

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