Not cold & fairly fine, but a few drops of drizzling rain in the evening. Cleaned out the piece between the rockery & the trellis, made a bed of sorts, planted 20 forget-me-nots in it, made a bed ready for the rambler. There is now nothing to be done in the flower garden except to plant the flowers (phlox etc.) when they are ready, make up path & perhaps cut the grass once again. Made 2 lb. apple jelly yesterday. Found some eggs of either worm or snail, about the size of match-heads, whitish, translucent.

6 eggs.

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6 Responses to 23.10.39

  1. Janet S. says:

    Need to fix the tag “aplle jelly” to “apple jelly”.

  2. @Janet S.

    Thanks – now edited!

  3. Desperate for a decent Egg Count, Eric Blair walked everywhere on his knees and never looked up; his fervor was rewarded today.

    Meanwhile, on the Western Front…..Patrolling units engage in combat in the region west of the Saar. The Expeditionary Force has 158,000 troops in place along there now, I think—my stopwatch shows that it took them five weeks.

    I’m no historian, but this seems to signal the end of the period the British called ‘the Phoney War’ because nothing seemed to be happening and the Germans called the Sitzkrieg, the ‘sit-down war’.

    I sense that Eric misses Eileen already.

  4. Alex says:

    Definitely snail eggs. I’ve had those myself in my garden. Nothing a good ol’ toad can’t swallow up and munch on.

  5. Phil Barker says:

    @JL3 seems the phoney war is taken to last until the Battle of France begins, that is until May 1940. The 158k allied troops in France didn’t do much; all the action was in Denmark, Norway & Finland.

  6. Phil Barker~~

    Thank you!

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