Very fine, sunny, still weather. Dug the first trench of the new patch, planted shallots (not quite enough to make up the first 2 rows), transplanted 3 rambler rose cuttings, 1 albertine, 1 of the yellowy-white kind, the other I don’t know what kind. Made up path as far as trellis. Titley says in storing dahlia bulbs the important this is to suspend them for a while stalk downwards, as the reason they rot is that the moisture runs down the hole in the stalk into the roots. Bought some more apples (Blenheims) still 11/2lb. T. says he’s getting 4/6 score for eggs.

9 eggs.

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3 Responses to 10.11.39

  1. The Ridger says:

    Oh! A surprise rose in the spring.

  2. Zardoz says:

    um… isn’t there a war on somewhere??

  3. Stephen says:

    Further evidence of egg inflation, I believe.
    That, or Titley is a good salesman.

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