Rather rainy. Went into Baldock but failed to get any rose bushes. Bought a peony root which perhaps I can plant at the corner instead of a rose. Clarke’s[1] say the shortage of grains, or the difficulty of sending them to & fro, is actually much greater than the papers make out. Saw a bird which I think must have been a golden plover, though so far as I know they are not found round here. Slightly larger than a snipe (it was certainly not a snipe), redshank type of flight, but its back was brownish. Too far away to see its beak. The only thing that makes me doubtful is that its belly was almost white.

9 eggs. Sold I score @ 4/4. (According to Clarke’s the Gov.t are controlling the price at 4/-). Total this week 46.




[1] Produced food for fowls. Peter Davison

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2 Responses to 18.11.39

  1. Hm. Government is controlling the price of eggs. But it doesn’t affect his sales, which are 0/4 higher than the government limit.

  2. The Ridger says:

    Nothing is as exciting as seeing a bird which should not be here.

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