Some rain last night. Today still, fairly fine. Winter[1] time (deferred 2 months owing to the war) starts today is have to give the hens their evening meal about 3pm. Dug one trench, transplanted the little rose (the one that was overgrown by the lavender) & planted peony (price of root 6d). These don’t generally bloom the following year. Afraid I may have put the 3 peonies too close together.

5 eggs. (Notice nearly always a bad lay after a wet day, as yesterday).

[1] Orwell originally wrote ‘summer.’ Peter Davison

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6 Responses to 19.11.39

  1. a bad lay
    a wet day

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  3. John says:

    “Winter[1] time (deferred 2 months owning to the war) “, any clues on this? Was this related to the double daylight savings time?

  4. Meanwhile, In Occupied Poland… The first barricades are erected around the Jewish quarter in Warsaw. In Occupied Czechoslovakia… Some 50,000 people are reportedly under arrest. Nazi authorities execute 3 more dissidents.

    Today is Sunday. The Autumnal Equinox was approximately two months ago. I suspect that, the Sunday nearest to an equinox was the usual day to “spring forward” or “fall back.” I wonder if they held on to that one hour of productivity until they thought they could spare it or until Time’s relentlessness overpowered them; I wonder how many man-hours were involved.

    Today, here in the USA, the timing for DST implementation is now based upon whimsy rather than astronomy.

  5. The Defence (Summer Time) Regulations, 1939 (S.R.&O. 1939 No. 1379)

    * Heading: Emergency Powers (Defence) – Summer Time.
    * Date: 5th October 1939.

    These regulations, under the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act, 1939, changed the end date of Summer Time to the day after the third Saturday in November.

    S.R.&O. 1940 No. 172 (Emergency Powers (Defence) – Summer Time)

    * Long title: Order in Council amending the Defence (Summer Time) Regulations, 1939.
    * Date: 6th February 1940.

    This order, under the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act, 1939, amended the Defence (Summer Time) Regulations, 1939, to change the start date of Summer Time to the day after the fourth Saturday in February (with, therefore, no saving needed for Easter).

  6. Stephen says:

    So presumably then “winter” time was just a reversion to the norm after an extended summer time.
    Which would have been extended to reduce fuel/energy consumption?

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