Much as yesterday. Dug some more of the limed patch, planted out the remaining black currants. A double egg again today & also an egg of the type the Smallholder describes as pimpled. Tom R. says he saw a rat come out of our garden yesterday.

9 eggs.

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4 Responses to 22.11.39

  1. “Much as yesterday” in the garden of endless toil, plus:
    Inside the hen house of horrors, bizarre, hideous egg mutations proliferate while, outside the hen house of horrors, blasé rats stroll about authoritatively. Some may consider such grotesque freaks of nature to have a direct correlation with the haphazard broadcasts of several pounds and/or gallons of toxic bio-hazards upon all living things within range a few months ago.

    Towards evening, one of the first batches of German magnetic mines to be dropped by parachute, by a low-flying He111, lands on the mud flats at Shoeburyness, near the Thames Estuary and British authorities are immediately informed. Meanwhile, a national savings scheme is launched under the slogan “Lend to Defend the Right to be Free.”

  2. Tom says:

    Rat is code for German, of course.

  3. Stephen says:

    Any poultry-person out there got some enlightenment to offer on the subject of pimpled eggs? Like, what are they and could George sell them off?

  4. Janet S. says:

    @Stephen: Follow the link in the text at “pimpled”. I’ve occasionally seen bumps like this on commercial eggs I’ve bought. No problem with the contents.

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