Hard frost last night, which started about 4pm. Thawed this morning about 10 am, cold & miserable all day. Lumps of ice turned out of hens’ basins were still frozen in the evening. Made bonfire, added some of the hay which had rotted to the compost-heap. This uses up the Adco, which will not have made the 7 cwt. of manure as specified, but perhaps I used it too liberally.

7 eggs. Sold 20 @ 4/4. Total this week: 49. + 12 laid out = 60.

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3 Responses to 25.11.39

  1. yarb says:

    This is the most miserable I’ve seen Orwell in ages. The third sentence could have come out of Ovid’s Tristia.

  2. Comic Surrealism:

    After attempts to save New Forest ponies in the blackout by painting them like zebras, they are removed to safe pastures.

  3. andrew says:

    a bonfire, yay!

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