Heavy rain in the night & all this morning. Finer & windless this afternoon. Everything very sodden. Dug another trench. Have now almost finished the amount I intend doing of the new bit. Stuck in 2 more briar roots. Shall plant about 6 of different heights & see how they do. Collected another sack of leaves. This amount (about 10 sacks) fills the frame. Covered over with fine soil & shall not disturb till next year.

7 eggs.




[1] Orwell noted collecting 81/2 sackfuls. Peter Davison

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3 Responses to 27.11.39

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  2. Smudged Kohl says:

    A lot of things will not be disturbed till next year, methinks.

  3. By way of Wigan Pier, the whale lumbers on in its endless quest for krill.

    “Finer” weather and “fine” dirt. Decided not to transplant the oak tree; ghastly dead plants teetering in the toxic muck everywhere as it is…..And it’s all so wretchedly sodden.

    On a lighter note: on this Monday in Oslo, the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian parliament announces that no Nobel peace prize is to be awarded for 1939.

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