Rained again in the night, fine today & reasonably warm. Started digging the patch where the bushes were. This is in a terrible state & will take a long time to do, also is poor chalky soil & needs a lot of enriching. Began making path for henhouses, as the mud is very bad.

6 eggs. Sold 1 score @ 4/4.

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2 Responses to 29.11.39

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  2. Meanwhile:
    In Madrid… The Spanish government ratifies a friendship pact with Germany, including secret clauses allowing Germany to use Spanish ports and promising cooperation on police and propaganda.
    In Britain… It is reported that the chancellor has received family jewels, gold and gifts from foreigners to help finance the war effort.
    In the North Atlantic… The German freighter Idarwild is sunk by the British warship Diomede off the coast of the United States. The USS Broome had been following the Idarwild until the British warship arrived. The Broome does not intervene in the destruction of the freighter. American behavior in this incident goes unchallenged by Berlin.

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