Heavy rain in the early part of last night, then frost. A little rain this morning. Windy & cold.

10 eggs, Sold 1 score @ 4/4.

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7 Responses to 4.12.39

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  2. Stephen says:

    OK here is how the egg trade has been going over the last month or so.

    At the end of September George sold a score of eggs for 3 shillings – that is, 1.8 pence per egg.

    But by the start of November the outbreak of war had lifted the price to 4 shillings a score (2.4 pence per egg). The insufferable Titley reckoned he was getting 4/6d a score (2.7 pence per egg), but George notes that 4 shillings is the price the Govt is attempting to set and he makes a couple of sales at this price, including one mega-deal of 30 eggs. But within a week or so George has lifted his price to 4/4d per score (that is, 2.6 pence per egg) and he makes his first sale at this price on 8 Nov. Since that date the price has held firm and George has comfortably (with the exception of a ‘miscalculation’ on Nov 20 and a couple of other odd sales) sold at that price every three days or so, sometimes (like today) after only two days.

    George’s aggregates as I work them out since the start of November are:
    – Total egg sales: 227 eggs.
    – Total cash proceeds: 2 pounds, 7 shillings and sixpence.

  3. The Ridger says:

    We’ll be getting frost any day now ourselves. The heavy rain we already had.

  4. Jane Smith says:

    That’s interesting Stephen. I read on Wiki that £5.00 in 1939 equates to about £230 today. That means that he has made the equivalent of over £100 from his egg production since the the beginning of November. Not bad I suppose, but presume he had some other means of support – but we don’t read anything here about his other activities. He’s blogging about the weather, gardening and egg production and that’s that.

  5. Stephen~~

    You are a genius. Thank you.

    Jane Smith~~

    May I suggest: Charles’ George Orwell Links and eBooks@Adelaide and Chronology of World War II for snapshots of what’s going on Inside the Whale.

  6. Yes, the Full-O-Pep has been shown to be worth the investment as Mr. Blair’s bank account continues to swell with Egg Profits. Additionally, some say that earlier this year Eric profited handsomely from his produce, dairy and poultry products—not to mention Dry Goods and, of course, the Goatburger Stand.

  7. andrew says:

    strangely warm in boston, clear skies, strong wind implies that cold is coming..

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