Back at Wallington. Very cold, but no wind. In London there were a few frosts &, round about Xmas, extremely dense mists, making traffic almost impossible. Here freezing hard since yesterday, & snowing all today. Extremely light dry snow, which clings to everything, even wire netting. One of the plants that carries the snow most beautifully is lavender. Even corrugated iron looks attractive with snow on it. White Leghorn hens in the snow look quite[1] dark yellow.

In the time we have been away, ie. since 12.12.39 there have apparently been 101 eggs – a falling off but not so bad as I expected. Shall have to make the weeks up by guesswork but can get the actual number right. Mice have been very bad in the house during my absence, tearing up newspapers etc., etc. Must try poisoning them.

4 eggs (no doubt owing to the cold.)

[NB. As to egg account: – total number of eggs, including those laid on the 2 (unentered) days before we went away, & todays, is 120. I have entered the last two weeks @ 45 a week, which leaves 30 to be added to those of Friday-Sat. of this week: ie. this week’s eggs will equal Friday. Sat’s eggs + 30. This will make the total right even if the weeks are incorrect.][2]




[1] Preceded by ‘as nearly,’ which is crossed out.

[2] Orwell’s own square brackets. Peter Davison

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7 Responses to 28.12.39

  1. For New Year’s I resolve to work the phrase “must try poisoning them” into casual conversation more often.

  2. Seems like something interesting always happens on Thursday:
    Meat Rationing begins in Britain.

  3. Michael says:

    Could one of you clarify something for me; is the location he has now returned to, i.e. Wallington House, the same farm he has been tending throughout the autumn?

  4. Yes, it’s the same place but I am relatively sure it’s a garden he’s been tending, not a farm.

  5. I´m glad the eggs are still there. ¡Manda huevos!

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