Freezing hard all day, but no fresh snow. Water pipes frozen this morning. Saw a rabbit run across a pool on the ice. Oat stack being thrashed at the farm.

4 eggs.

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2 Responses to 29.12.39

  1. Karina says:

    Beginning of a bitterly cold spell and what was to become the coldest winter for forty five years.
    I fear for the egg count : ( and more mice coming in to keep warm.

  2. London weather preview:
    January – Very cold and rather sunny with above average rainfall.
    Mean Temperature -0.3°C
    Monthly Highest 9.9°C
    Total Rain 63 mm
    Monthly Lowest -8.6°C
    Total Sun 52 hrs

    The beginning of January was mainly dry and very cold with frosty nights. At the end of the first week it became unsettled and temporarily milder but cold and mostly dry weather returned during the middle of the second week. On the 20th, after an early low close to minus 9°C. the temperature during the day only reached minus 2.4°C. After a brief milder interlude, persistent rain, much of it freezing, gave nearly 28mm on the 27th, with a very cold and snowy end to the month.

    I suspect it was a bit cooler at Wallington.

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