No thaw. A few light spots of snow.

5 eggs. Total this week (see above): 39. Yesterday sold 5 @ 1/-.

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3 Responses to 30.12.39

  1. In the Winter War… Finnish offensives against the Soviet 8th and 9th Armies continue. General Stern, formerly in command of the Soviet Far Eastern Army, is assigned to direct operations north of Lake Ladoga. Some 60 bombs are dropped by Soviet aircraft on Hango.
    On the Western Front… Allied and German patrols are active between Moselle and Saar, despite intense cold.

  2. The Ridger says:

    No thaw. Bad omen.

  3. Anne Asakura says:

    Has he ever told us to whom he sells the eggs? Is it to a grocer or neighbors?

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