Back home again after nearly a week in London. The frost has now broken but it is still cold, generally damp & misty, & there is still a good deal of ice left on the pools. W.C. has at last unfrozen but there was still ice in the cistern. Chrysanthemums have now withered back, so shall cut them down & remove those that are of bad colours. The others ought also to be removed & divided in the spring, but probably there won’t be time.

In 7 days the hens appear to have laid only 25 eggs. This is far worse than they were doing before & evidently Mrs A. has again underfed them. Mrs A. sold 1 score @ 3/4


[on facing page]

To even the eggs up: to end of week: 27.

New week up to & including 9.1.39: 12.

(This includes those laid before I went away + 25).

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2 Responses to 9.1.40

  1. Remind me who Mrs. A is again – she’s clearly unfit to be in charge of chickens!

  2. Mrs. A should be ashamed of herself.

    Meanwhile, the West Prussian SS chief reports the successful elimination of 4000 incurable mental patients in Poland. A German minesweeper depth charges the Royal Navy submarine Starfish in the Heligoland Bight. The sub is scuttled afterwards. Following this third incident, British submarine operations in the Heligoland Bight are temporarily suspended. Also, off the southeast coast of England, the British ocean liner Dunbar Castle is mined and sunk.

    There is public surprise that, after only 4 months of war, the British employment figure for January stands at 1.6 million (about 120,000 higher than the average for 1939). This increase is despite of the call-up of 1.5 million men for military duty.

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