Appeared to stop freezing for about an hour in the afternoon, otherwise no thaw. Still & sunny. Poultry manure frozen hard & easy to break up, so scattered a patch with this, which can be dug in[1] later. This patch (next the unmanured patch this side of the raspberries) will do for onions.

9 eggs.




[1] Originally ‘broken up’. Peter Davison

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4 Responses to 12.1.40

  1. The Ridger says:

    What did he do to observe that it “appeared to stop freezing for about an hour”? Put out pans of water?

  2. Amazing, isn’t it? Obviously, in his never-ending quest for knowing exactly what is going on, I imagine he was swapping out pans of water on an hourly basis, chasing the shade around a tree.

    Over in Colchester, E J Rudsdale reports, “German planes in the district this morning. Heavy gunfire heard from the direction of Clacton, but no alarm.”

  3. Steve says:

    Redsdale’s journal is an excellent find — thanks JL3rd! Now if you can only find one that combines news of the war with citations from Smallholder, and egg counts, and skating….

  4. Gwilym W says:

    Poultry manure? George, sometimes I can’t believe you. It’s called chicken shit.

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