No thaw. Rather windy.

6 eggs (not counting 1 broken one). Sold 1 score @ 3/6.

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7 Responses to 24.1.40

  1. The Ridger says:

    Why does that pullet keep laying on the floor? Has she figured out her eggs are doomed anyway and this way she’s sticking it to the man? He’d better find out which pullet that is and eat her before she leads the chicken uprising!

  2. The first paragraph, containing four words within two sentences and pristine in its vagueness, projects a hi-res video of a glacial no-man’s land with George Orwell as R.J. MacReady.

    As the credits roll, there is an extreme close-up of a hen shivering spasmodically on a nest to the extent that, coincidentally, an egg is vibrated to the floor where it splatters in slow-motion and the dog licks it up in fast-forward.

  3. Stephen says:

    For once the tags have got it spot on. This is a post about eggs and weather. Nothing more, but nothing less.

    BTW how windy is “rather” windy? My reading is that he means windier than “fairly” windy” but less so than “quite windy” and of course positively calm compared to “windy”.

  4. wordsmithsuk says:

    It could mean ‘very windy’ – with understatement.

  5. Stephen says:

    True that.

  6. Arnold Mousetrouser (Australia) says:

    Use of “Rather” by the English: Once, many years ago, when a bullet smacked into the trunk of a tree less than six inches from my head, my companion (English) sheltering with me said: “I say! That was rather close, old boy!” And we smiled together. Jolly English understatement as a calming cover for surprise and shock. See also the use of “rather strange”, “rather cold”, “rather tricky” and so on. AM

  7. Michael says:

    Visiting Canterbury as a boy, our guide, in discussing Thomas Beckett, as an aside said to me, “He’s dead you know.” in a deadpan that I still remember 40 years on.

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