No thaw. Last night distinctly milder, then heavy sloshy snow. Freezing very hard again this evening. Birds very hungry. A thrush hanging round the shed today, seemingly weak with hunger.

9 eggs. Total this week: 56. Sold 1 score @ 3/6.

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3 Responses to 27.1.40

  1. Jon Reed says:

    So yesterday we had “squashy snow” and today “sloshy snow”.

  2. yarb says:

    No thaw. Last night mild and vernal, this morning positively balmy. 25º of frost.

    7 eggs.

  3. itwasntme says:

    George would know “weak with hunger.” I’ve just re-read Down and Out in Paris and London. He doesn’t mention if he puts anything out for the birds anywhere, does he? Maybe he needs it all for his chickens, and is probably using any extra suet himself, if there is any.

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