Very cold. Heavy snow last night, making about 1 foot deep. A little snow most of the day.

8 eggs.

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5 Responses to 28.1.40

  1. ben says:

    I’m impressed with how long this cold has been lasting – snow never lasts so long in S England these days even with this year. Does anybody know the name of the town/village George is living in at the moment?

  2. Larkers says:

    Wallington, near Baldock, Hertfordshire. He ran a general store in the village.

    1947 was also notably a very severe winter as were 1962 and 63. Where I lived at that time the sea ‘froze’ in 1963. I also went through a hard winter in (I think) 1976-77 in northern England and 1979 in southern Scotland but such events are rarely highlighted on the national news.

  3. At the moment, Eric Blair resides in Wallington.

    The other Eric, who lives up the road in Colchester, provides concurrent weather reportage.

  4. Speaking of the weather, today, Sunday:
    The Director of Censorship permits newspapers to belatedly reveal details of Britain’s coldest winter since 1894. The Thames River ad the Southampton Docks were frozen and temperatures of -18° C (-33° F) were recorded at Buxton (Derbys).

  5. ben says:

    Thanks for the reply. I actually grew up in Hertfordshire but don’t know that area. Next time I go back I’ll try and have a look.

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