Heavy snow in the night & during a good deal of the day. Nasty slushy snow which will not lie long, but makes everything very nasty. Impossible to do anything out of doors.

Began water-glassing some eggs, experimentally. It appears you should use eggs 5-12 hours old, as if they have been laid a day or two it takes several months off the time they will stay good. Put 20-30 older eggs (laid about 6 days) in a glass jar, & these can be used first. Am using a large enameled pan for newer eggs, & shall put in none more that 24 hours old.

16 eggs.

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5 Responses to 14.3.40

  1. Stephen says:

    Is this like water-boarding them? Do they have secrets he wishes to extract?

  2. Greg says:

    Tomorrow: eggs in room 101 partially eaten by rats.

  3. haha nice one stephen
    i’ve never really heard of water-glass(ing ?) eggs, but cool I suppose

  4. It seems to me that it would take a very sophisticated egg-laying operation for the hen name- and date/time-stamping of eggs as they roll out of the hen and down the ramp. I surmise, therefore, that Eric is poised with Sharpie in hand, steadfastly supervising the hens as they lay.

    The hens do not complain (at least out loud) because they see the bottle of barbecue sauce in Eric’s back pocket.

    It is Thursday, so, in Finland, the evacuation of 470,000 people from the territories ceded to the Soviet Union commences. (It is completed on March 26th.)

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