Fairly fine day. The snow has now almost gone. 19 eggs. Total this week (5 days): 75.

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5 Responses to 16.3.40

  1. Susan says:

    Finally, a fine day! You deserve it.

  2. Fay Shirley says:

    No way is this one of the top ten irritating phrases. 19 eggs, total this week 75 – bliss.

  3. By investigating the possibly so-called “related” post, I learned that Malaysia doesn’t have any phrases that are anywhere near as irritating as those to which I’m accustumed.

    Meanwhile, since it is Saturday, there is a German air raid by 32 bombers (2 are lost) on the British fleet base at Scapa Flow. One cruiser, HMS Norfolk, is slightly damaged. There are 7 naval casualties. The raid is more notable for causing the first civilian casualties in Britain. A German aircraft fleeing the battle released 19 bombs wounding seven civilians and killing James Isbister, aged 27.

    Down in Argentina, the government deports the German crew of the Admiral Graf Spee into the interior and forbids them to wear their uniforms.

  4. Greg says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Arief, I personally think that at the end of the day it’s absolutely not rocket science compiled by oxford– wait, strike that last– that his list is a fairly unique nightmare of phrases that shouldn’t of been used 24/7.

    I’m sorry, but someone was bound to do it and now it’s over.

  5. Greg~~

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