Raining much of the day. Everything now very sodden. Roses are budding well. Alfred H. says it is not too late to plant blackberry runners, though they will do no good this year.

16 eggs.

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7 Responses to 17.3.40

  1. James Russell says:

    Well, I’ve been enjoying reading Eric’s diary since it started in 1938, but I think it is time to take it to a new level.

    Can we start a George Orwell forum on here? We could make friends, have discussions and make posts on such subjects as egg counting, the weather, horticultural tips, bird watch, plant watch and spring watch. And on what the purpose of that tiny smilie at the bottom of this page is all about. And how totalitarian regimes destroy political idealisms and convert them to a self-serving dogma.

  2. James Russell~~
    The smilie at the bottom of this page can also be found at the bottom of many WordPress blogs. One of my covert operatives has reported that the image is from the plugin Ultimate Google Analytics.

    Some say it is Orwell himself peering at us but it’s not, even though the Self-Serving Dogma Forum sounds interesting.

    On this sodden Sunday, Nottinghamshire miners vote to forgo part of their holidays to boost the war effort.

  3. The Ridger says:

    One fine day, and now everything is sodden again. Well, it IS March.

  4. Stephen says:

    I must be losing it: I was looking for a tiny SIMILE for a while there. Then I realised I had misread.

    Alfred H: another local know-all.

  5. Later, Alfred H. reports to the fishmonger, “I says to him, ‘Yeah, you can plant ’em, mate, but it’s futile.'”

  6. Freelancer says:

    I dip into “Orwell’s Diaries” from time to time to catch up on the egg production. What strikes me is that these entries were written by “The Other Orwell,” Eric Blair.

    Who knew?

    Here we find this private, focused, seemingly disengaged gardener, seemingly unmoved by the crumbling world beyond the refuge of hen house and pea patch.

    Question: Could “George Orwell” exist without Blair’s productive, clucking sanctuary?

  7. Freelancer~~

    Orwell’s “…..refuge of hen house and pea patch…..” serves as atmosphere Inside the Whale.

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