Somewhat drier. A few drops of rain. Forked over the ground for the onion bed & applied superphosphate. A few wallflowers just beginning to bud. But there are very few that are really undamaged by the frost.

15 eggs.

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6 Responses to 18.3.40

  1. Overheard around the red hot stove in the Wallington Tonsorial Shoppe:
    “There goes that Mr. Blair in the mud and ice again.”
    “I say.”

  2. Walt Disney’s new film Pinocchio opens to a warm reception from the critics.

  3. Cezille says:

    glad to be here in your blog diary. just want to ask something about your title. Why is it “18.3.40” instead of 18.3.10. i’m kinda confused.

  4. wordsmithsuk says:

    You can also hear the conversation in the local post office:

    Orwell: ‘Somewhat drier today Mrs Blenkinsop’
    Mrs B: ‘I’m sure you’ll be glad to get out into the garden’
    Orwell: ‘Yes but there were a few drops of rain this morning – better get back before it starts again’

  5. Greg says:

    President Roosevelt went to see “Gone With The Wind” today.

  6. A woman under a hulking, buzzing hair drier at Wallington’s infamous Le Salon de Nigel le Boucher de Cheveux was reading a magazine, so someone asked, “Are you reading the first installment of his whale story?”
    “Oh, my, no. No. No.”
    “Neither would I; I mean, really!”
    A Monty Python performer said, “I think it’s the Egg Sickness, I do, what makes him wallow like that.”
    And then someone blurted out that Atlantic shipping losses for the week ending March 17 are 3 British, 1 French, 4 neutral, 3 German.

    Later, in the stillness of the pastoral nightscape, no one heard the Morse Code signals but they were there, down in the bunker and, sometimes, in the attic.

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