Somewhat drier, but a few showers. Dug a little more & prepared place for blackberries.

9 eggs.

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6 Responses to 20.3.40

  1. wordsmithsuk says:

    Wake me up when something happens.

  2. Dying to know how much he’ll get when he sells his eggs, especially with the early-war egg glut.

  3. A canvas bag containing 20-30 dozen eggs hung by a strap from his right shoulder as he trudged door to door throughout Wallington extolling the value and virtues of his product to the common folk as they stared, politely disinterested, deadpan.

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  5. Susan says:

    This makes me feel alot better about my own diary.

  6. Barry Larking says:

    One more correct use of ‘disinterested’ should be enough to confer the Nobel Prize on JamesonLewis3rd. It would disqualify him from working at the B.B.C. however.

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