Nice spring weather most of the day. Blackthorn just budding. Catkins & female flowers on the hawthorn. Found some frogs mating. In most places they have already spawned & some of the spawn is beginning to develop. Brought a few bits home. A primrose out in the garden (also polyanthi) but could find none in the woods, though Mrs Nicholls, whom we met, had found a very few, also violets. Anemones not out.

18 eggs.

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4 Responses to 24.3.40

  1. Oh, and by the way, it’s Easter Sunday.

  2. The Ridger says:

    Is he going to raise tadpoles? I hope we get sketches!

  3. 18 eggs? 18 eggs!

    That’s got to be a one-day high. Long gone are the ‘one egg’ days of Morocco.

  4. On the 16th, the count was 19.

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