Most of the day nice weather, turning damper at night. Cleaned out a little of strawberry bed. 15 eggs (30 sold for 2/-).

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3 Responses to 25.3.40

  1. This is the first sale reported in the new egg book, and it’s less than half what he was getting just before the war (4/ per score, which stabilized later at 3/4 per score). Egg glut indeed!

  2. George~~
    Do these sales figures reflect income from the previously mentioned hoard of Submerged Eggs?

    “Oh, how I yearn for a sketch, with dimensions, of Strawberry Bed, Mr. Blair,” said the fishmonger.
    “Buy 30 Submerged Eggs and I’ll think about it,” Eric replied with a stone-faced, steely stare.
    [later that day]
    “Here’s 2/-.”
    “I’ll take it,” Blair said, pocketing the coinage, “for the 30 Submerged Eggs but it’s not enough for any premiums.”

  3. Yeah. Could be. Awaiting further news from the future.

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