Finer. Still impossible to sow seeds. Dug a little more, applied wood-ash to bed for onions. Tadpoles now almost fully formed & beginning to wriggle their tails.

16 eggs. Sold 1 score @ 2/10.

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6 Responses to 27.3.40

  1. wordsmithsuk says:

    Wriggle their tales?

  2. Price of eggs nudging up again?

  3. Max says:

    ‘The Complete Works’ says ‘tails’, so Orwell Prize website editors take note and come clean. Whose slip was it? Or should that be ‘Whose sleep was it?’


  4. J Harold Hutchinson says:

    A small creek ran through our property. Spent hours with frogs, tadpoles and the frog eggs. One reason that I have an aversion to tapioca. First the eggs, then the tadpoles who with their round bodies and tails eventually develop legs while the tail becomes shorter and shorter.

  5. Heather says:

    I’m glad those hens are laying their eggs.

  6. @Max

    Our mistake – a Microsoft Word-assisted transcription error, apologies.

    (By the way, ‘Talegate’ – very nice…!)

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