Sharp frost in the night, which does not appear to have done any damage, however. Today fine but rather cold. Cleared out some more of the strawberry bed, prepared the onion bed, which may be fit to sow tomorrow. Some of the tadpoles swimming about. The first daffodil in the field out. None yet in the garden, though some in other people’s gardens. Five of the six briar stocks I planted budding.

20 eggs.

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5 Responses to 28.3.40

  1. 20 — A new record! Eric must be so proud.

    I wish he would tell us the names of his adoptive tadpoles.

  2. Just In: Exclusive Video:

    Eric Blair is sitting on the oaken kitchen floor next to the cistern which is filled to about 4 inches below the rim, his arm is on its galvanized edge, his elbow is hovering above and reflecting upon the mirror-like surface. There are approximately 120 Submerged Eggs within the large tub; an unknown population of oblivious polliwogs flits about and/or hovers motionless within the sunken silence suspended within the canyons formed by the hibernating poultry ova. Blair is speaking softly to the amphibians, urging them to exercise their legs.

    From my Parisian operative:
    In their Supreme War Council the British and French decide to make a formal agreement that neither will make a separate peace.

  3. Heather says:

    It was chilly here, too.

  4. Stephen says:

    “Talegate” …
    There is still no explanation for yesterday’s transcription error. Is George to be left under suspicion that he mistakenly wrote tales instead of tails when describing his lovable new pets? Or will someone in the 21st century take responsibility and ‘fess up?
    Orwell Trust: j’accuse!

  5. Having access to a photo of the original would add greatly to these and would resolve questions of where such errors originated.

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