Rather cold, & violent wind all day. A certain number of primroses out, also blue & white violets, & celandine. No other wild flowers. Saw a sheep with two newborn lambs, the first I have seen this year. Notice that the spawn in the pond, from which I took a little a week ago, is still at about the same stage, whereas the bit I brought home has developed & tadpoles swimming about. No doubt due to the difference in temperature.

18 eggs.

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2 Responses to 31.3.40

  1. Fay Shirley says:

    It really must have been a grim Spring. It must have been bad enough having to cope with being at war, then to have a winter that seems to be lasting even longer than this years’.

  2. Looking into my crystal ball, I see:
    The first 10 days of April were often rather cold and cloudy, although there were some sunny days followed by slight overnight frosts. On the 10th, the maximum temperature was only 7.7°C. and on the following night the last air frost of the Spring occurred. It then became generally milder, and on the 23rd the afternoon temperature exceeded 20°C. The last week of the month was cooler, and also changeable. On the 30th, over 9mm of rain was measured.

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