Seems to have rained fairly heavily during last night. Light drizzle all this morning. Fine most of the afternoon. Sowed artichokes on the new patch, which is very stony but probably good enough for this purpose. This used 7 lb., so still have 7 lb. left. Weeded out the turf heap under the bullace tree, which will do for a marrow-bed. Pigeons are cooing.

16 eggs. Sold 1 score @2/6.

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2 Responses to 3.4.40

  1. Since it is Wednesday, Lord Woolton has become Minister of Food. [Perhaps his most famous initiative in this office is the invention of the “Woolton Pie” — intended to be a nourishing and appetizing use of ration materials. It will not be widely liked.]

    There’s Eric again, standing on the back porch in the morning, stroking his chin and noticing that everything is quite sodden whereas it wasn’t the previous evening.

    The Minister of Food refuses to return Blair’s calls regarding the Egg Glut.

  2. I wish George would write more about his clandestine missions on behalf of Mr. Jackal Skull.

    An unidentified source has informed one of my agents that, “That daft Mr. Blair, what writes about Whales, been seen skulking in the nearby woods, he has.” Rumor has it that a BBC cameraman has accompanied Blair on several skulks.

    “Even a single fleeting moment without rain is fine,” he said off-handedly before taking a bite of his Cheese Danish. Applause erupted spontaneously among all of the brunch patrons of the internationally renowned Wallington Sidewalk Café. Little did they know, he had them all under surveillance or that he was able to reconnoiter At Will.

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