Sharp frost last night. Today clear, still & sunny, but not particularly warm. Ground now decidedly dry. Cut grass as best I could. Weeded flower bed by the shed. Gave manure mulch to hollyhocks etc. Planted 3 dwarf michaelmas daisies (pd. 2d each)

17 eggs. Dropped them & broke every one. Did not suppose they could have all broken without exception, but so it was.

Forgot to mention 2 days back that Peter Hollingworth had found magpie’s nest with 3 eggs, & one of the farm men a robin’s nest with eggs. These are the first nests I have heard of this year, & have found none. The magpie’s egg like a blackbird’s but somewhat darker, ie. like a rook’s, & hardly larger than a blackbird’s but very pointed.

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4 Responses to 11.4.40

  1. Martin Watts says:

    That’s the only way to make an omelette.

  2. Stephen says:

    those hens will be furious

  3. Bob Rocket says:

    Which just goes to show that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  4. George~~
    How many trees did Hollingworth and Farm Man have to climb before they made these astounding discoveries? And how many have you climbed? Are the rest of the town’s men doing likewise?

    Also, are you saying that Hollingworth brought the magpie’s nest down out of the tree and was showing it around Wallington with pride?
    “Yes, I’m a sack of broken eggs,” Mick Jagger (1969).

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