Still, not warm, overcast but no rain. Sowed kale, savoys, sprouts, lettuce (cos), radishes. (Not broccoli, as the seed I have is of a late kind, to be sowed about May-June). Also leeks, 10-week stocks, foxgloves. Planted out 1 score cos lettuce. (Paid 4d). Don’t know whether they will survive – probably not if there is a sharp frost. Put awning of sacking over the plants. Applied a little fertiliser (Woolworths, 6d) to the grass. Ground could now do with a spot of rain.

19 eggs. Total this week: 114 (of which 17 broken).

[On facing page]

Order in seedbed (starting from rose cuttings): kale, stocks, sprouts, lettuces, savoys, leeks[1], foxgloves, radishes, clarkia.

[1] Orwell originally placed ‘leeks’ between ‘radishes’ and ‘clarkia’, but marked his diary to show their position as printed here. Peter Davison

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2 Responses to 13.4.40

  1. Scene: Wallington Pancake House
    Conversation at the next table:
    1: “That Blair fellow is quite energetic.”
    2: “And productive, too.”
    3: “Indeed.”
    2: “Have you heard about the Second Battle of Narvik?”

  2. The Ridger says:

    Don’t cry over spilled eggs, George! Let it go.

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