Sunny & warm. The first real spring day. Cowslips starting. Periwinkles out. Blossom forming on forget-me-nots. Still no cuckoo. E. sowed godetias & cornflowers. One or two of the peas (sown on 10.4.40) are showing, but no broad beans.

18 eggs. Sold 68 @ 3/3 score (Actually 50 @ 3/3 score & 18 for 2/9).

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4 Responses to 21.4.40

  1. BobRocket says:

    Catherine Pearson who edits the other Erics diaries has sent me a link to another interesting archive, these are letters sent by JWM Broom who is serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

    On another subject, some of my tadpoles are starting to grow back legs.

  2. Price of eggs continuing to climb. War shortages looming, egg glut over?

  3. Steve says:

    Wow, JWM Broom is as verbose as the Erics are taciturn! My mother has my grandfather’s letters from the Pacific Theater, where he was a Seabee. they are a hybrid of the ones we’re reading now: he wrote a lot about very little. He did return safely, very sobered by the war. Hated “Hogan’s Heroes.” War is Not Funny, he would say.

    Interesting how EB can’t take the neighbors’ word for the appearance of the cuckoo….

  4. Okay. So, now I know that Eileen is there today, Sunday, but isn’t she in London during the week?

    It’s a wonderful scene, the Blairs sowing seeds, scanning for cuckoos on “the first real spring day” and hearing on the radio that Norwegian forces are pushed out of Lillehammer by German attacks on both sides of Lake Mjösa. And that here is fighting near Namsos, Trondheim, and Narvik.

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