Sunny & quite warm, but very windy. On a day like this the opening of a tulip can be watched & a distinct difference noted every few hours. Sowed turnips (2 rows, white), peas (English wonder – a bit early after the others, but these were not soaked, which will set them back a day or two), & the remaining potatoes (K. Edward). This makes 16 rows of 20-25 plants in a row, ie. about 350 plants. If they do reasonably well this should yield about 5 cwt.

Blackthorn almost out in some places. A few blossom on the wild plum.

18 eggs.

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3 Responses to 22.4.40

  1. DavidP says:

    5cwt = 560lb, quite a lot short of 2lb per plant, which isn’t too impressive a yield. Wonder if he’s going to earth up?

  2. Overheard in Wallington’s infamous Ye Olde Tattoo Parlour:

    “Look! This blog post–Nay! this blog!–is conclusive proof that Earth Day is an Orwellian concept decades ahead of its time.”

    “Heh. What does that mean?”

    Meanwhile, the British 148th Brigade is attacked north of Lillehammer by the superior German force advancing up the Gudbrandsdal and forced to retreat.

    Also, evidence has come to the fore which suggests that diaries are beginning to proliferate.

  3. Stephen says:

    I love it that Eric has time to watch a tulip open.

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