Some rain during last night. Today fine, warm & still. One or two nasturtiums up (self sown). Turnips sown 22.4.40 are just up. The fly is already at these & at the seedling of sprouts etc. A few parsnips (sown 9.4.40) are showing. One or two artichokes (sown 3.4.40) just showing. Applied sodium chlorate to waste patch by the walnut tree. Began putting up the strings for beans, but not enough time to complete the row. Planted out 1 doz. of the very tiny lettuces, putting sack° for protection. Tried to thin the clarkia, which, however, is too small to handle.

17 eggs.

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  3. As Blair races against time to install some strings, a further detachment of French mountain troops arrives at Harstad.

    I see that the notorious antagonist, The Fly, did not go unnoticed, which means that the message got through, the mission is, indeed, on and it is, therefore, okay to proceed with the diminutive lettuce strategy.

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