Recently bought a forage cap. . . . . It seems that forage caps over size 7 are a great rarity.  Evidently they expect all soldiers to have small heads.  This tallies with the remark made by some higher-up to R.R. in Paris when he tried to join the army – “Good God, you don’t suppose we want intelligent men in the front line, do you?” All the Home Guard uniforms are made with 20-inch necks. . . . . Shops everywhere are beginning to cash in on the Home Guard, khaki shirts, etc., being displayed at fantastic prices with notices “suitable for the Home Guard.” Just as in Barcelona in the early days when it was fashionable to be in the militia.

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4 Responses to 1.9.40

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  2. George~~
    The next time you see a soldier, take his hat and shirt because you deserve them more than he does.

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