From a newspaper account of a raid (not ironical): “Bombs were falling like manna”.

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10 Responses to 29.12.40

  1. “(not ironical)”? Heh.

  2. andrew says:

    are you being ironical with the (not ironical)?

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  4. George, have you been reading the Volkischer Beobachter perhaps?

  5. “People’s Observer”, eh? Well, he very much does like to observe people.

  6. Happy New Year to You and Yours.

  7. “Even so late as 1940 only 7.7 per cent of all Americans were ready to enter the war.”

    A. Russell Buchanan, The United States and World War II (New York, 1964) Vol. i, p14.

    Looks like another Crappy New Year. Make the best of it, George.

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