At Wallington.  Crocuses out everywhere, a few wallflowers budding, snowdrops just at their best.  Couples of hares sitting about in the winter wheat and gazing at one another.  Now and again in this war, at intervals of months, you get your nose above water for a few moments and notice that the earth is still going round the sun.

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7 Responses to 4.3.41

  1. M G says:

    Very well put, George. You should be a writer!

  2. Lizp says:


  3. James Russell says:

    Love the sentiment – reflects how I feel occasionally when things are getting on top. Must remember this one for my own use, but of course will credit GO/EB with the original thought.

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  5. George~~
    Thank you for this message of Hope.

    Monday, March 10, 1941

  6. Check out Adolf’s crib:

  7. River Jordan says:

    And here we are again in the midst of war and moments of peace. Einstein was right about that time space thing. Minutes ago really George wrote this and this morning I said – Amen.

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