Very heavy raid last night, probably the heaviest in many months, so far as London is concerned…Bomb in Lord’s cricket ground (school-boys having their exercise at the nets as usual this morning, a few yards from the crater) and another in St. John’s Wood churchyard. This one luckily didn’t land among the graves, a thing I have been dreading will happen…Passed this morning a side-street somewhere in Hampstead with one house in it reduced to a pile of rubbish by a bomb – a sight so usual that one hardly notices it. The street is cordoned off, however, digging squads at work, and a line of ambulances waiting. Underneath that huge pile of bricks there are mangled bodies, some of them perhaps alive.

The guns kept up their racket nearly all night…Today I can find no one who admits to having slept last night, and E[ileen] says the same. The formula is: “I never closed my eyes for an instant”. I believe this is all nonsense. Certainly it is hard to sleep in such a din, but E[ileen] and I must have slept quite half the night.

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2 Responses to 17.4.41

  1. Max says:

    With cricket now sacrificed to the money god and our leading cricketers playing in coloured pyjamas for inflated salaries, Orwell might well have welcomed a few more bombs on Lord’s Cricket Ground, to finlaly bury the rotten corpse of the national game he once knew and loved.

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