I have absolutely no theory about the reason for Hess’s arrival. It is completely mysterious. The one thing I know is that if a possibility exists of missing this propaganda opportunity, the British government will find it.

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  1. TimothyMN says:

    I have absolutely no theory about…

    Now those must be unique words for GO.

    And I say that as someone who loves reading him.

  2. Hess. Dude, WTF?

  3. Barry Larking says:

    I have learned one other thing. Wikipedia is written by Americans.

  4. M G says:

    @Barry Larking Anyone can add to Wikipiedia, I’ve contributed things myself from time to time where I’ve noticed misinformation (that bothered me) or knew of additional facts. Yet, as the US is the biggest English speaking user of the web, most of the editing probably is done by Americans, which might well be just what you meant. If you know alternative info about the Hess business you can always log in and alter it. Bit time consuming though, so I’m guessing Wikpipedia is mainly written by retired Americans.

  5. George~~
    There is no “reason,” therefore, no “theory” is possible. However, this may be helpful:

    I have just returned from Wikipedia where I amended [without footnotes] the text to include the indisputable facts that Rudolf Walter Richard Hess was a world-class moron as well as an hysterical coward.

    The first image located here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Hess says it all: Primal. Further down the page is a glamor shot of Hess in 1945.

    I agree 100% with your point regarding the propaganda aspects.

  6. Barry Larking says:

    “@Barry Larking Anyone can add to Wikipiedia” MG

    That also should be noted. Is Dan Brown an editor?

  7. George~~
    What do you think of this?

  8. M G says:

    Uncle Joe, eh? The misunderstood, big-hearted idealist. A bit like Uncle Pol then, and the others.

  9. jhameac says:

    To paraphrase, “the winners get to write the wiki.” @Barry – can you be more specific about what you saw in the Hess item in Wikipedia which was so Yankeefied in tone? Just curious.

  10. Barry Larking says:

    jhameac. Greetings. I might just have had a bad day when I read it. I do think Wikipedia needs care in all directions. I suppose it is an American resource and therefore naturally one must expect this to show; I do find it can be needlessly careless in regard to British entries.

    The conspiracy theory (that Hess was part of a series of contacts with British ruling circles and proposing a separate peace deal) is riddled with inconsistencies and plain invention, relying almost entirely for its force (betrayal of the Allied cause) upon events which had in any case not yet taken place; evenso, if that was indeed the reason for the flight the Nazis completely misjudged George VI based on his brother. The British perspective on this story however is lost in favour of something sensational.

    Orwell, whose own vision of the uses of propaganda was subtle (as we shall see) might have appreciated the benefits of making Hess’ arrival as awkward as possible for the Nazis by spreading confusion and suspicion as to motive and support. The Political Warfare Executive certainly did. The old jibe, ‘Perfidious Albion’, has some grounds in fact.

    “The Soviet Union could have won the war alone”. Perhaps. But it did not. It did however create the conditions that allowed it to begin.

  11. Hoody says:

    Barry Larking, I read your comments with great interest, but I have to wonder at your statement ” It did however create the conditions that allowed it to begin.”

    I think that the Non-Agression Pact was the direct result of Britain and France’s reluctance to agree a serious alliance with the Soviet Union prior to, and even after the rape of Prague. Whar other choice was Stalin left with if the Allies were not prepared to trust him?

  12. Barry Larking says:

    “What other choice was Stalin left with if the Allies were not prepared to trust him”.

    I can think of some but they would be wasted on Stalin. He had already trumped up a war against Finland and his alliance with Nazi Germany is barely credible from his own position if it were not a way of allowing Hitler to attack the west thus deflecting Hitler away from his ‘inevitable’ foe. By standing back he would watch the great powers blast themselves to pieces. Devious he may well have been but far sighted, I think not. Stalin does not even have the excuse of buying time. He was as unprepared for war as the U.S.A. come the event and had to be convinced (and how fortunate not to have to be the one that told him!) that Hitler was indeed attacking. British warnings were ignored until the bombs hit the ground. Such was Stalin’s mentality.

    In the 1950s a famous visit by Khrushev and Bulganin to the United Kingdom ended abruptly when, at a dinner with Labour party leaders, Khrushev suggested Britain had pushed Hitler into attacking Russia. Leading Labour rising star George Brown, a now forgotten figure, worse for drink as usual, lashed out verbally at the ‘honoured guests’ who flounced out like affronted bourgeois. Yet ‘B&K’ were simply stating what had become the standard Communist explanation. The widespread and deep collusion with the Nazi prior to 22nd June 1941 was airbrushed out of the picture to preserve the wartime alliance. Later, the slow to arrive Roosevelt was much more exercised by the fear that Stalin would make a separate peace with Hitler (and or Japan) than with almost anything else. These fears were not groundless.

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